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Glenn Clancy

Studio 37
Chief Engineer
Irvine, California
Glenn Clancy, Mastering Engineer, Producer, Musician, Singer, Voice Instructor, Vocal Producer, Vocal Arranger, Photographer, Videographer, and Chief Engineer of Studio 37 has been creating, producing, mixing, and mastering music for countless artists since 1997. He specializes in multimedia services, much of which stems from the needs of today's musician. With over 20 years of experience in music production, audio engineering, and (CD) mastering, he has had a chance to work with thousands of artists. As Chief Mastering Engineer at DiskFaktory.com his mixing and mastering credits span over 1500 albums done nationwide. These credits include work with Tony Cardenas (formerly of 80s rock band legend Great White), Midnight to 12, Gabe Bondoc, Melissa Polinar, and 10 Feet, to name a few. He later went on to become the Chief Engineer for Hidden Music Entertainment and his own private recording studio: Studio 37. He has instructed courses and workshops on digital media arts, photography, videography, video editing, music, music technology, and music production for Apple, Inc., California Music Studios, Inc., and the University of California, Irvine.